Hello, my name is Tyler Rood. I do Graphic Design and UX Design. I enjoy creating things that enrich the users experience. I'm always learning how to do things better because I don't think education ever stops if you're a designer.
I have worked for various agencies, start ups, and other companies as a Graphic Designer and UX Designer.
In my free time I love being active. Whether that's spending time with loved ones, working out, running, hiking, camping, or even kayaking. I think part of my love for the outdoors comes from my childhood growing up in the Boy Scouts of America program. I earned my Eagle Scout when I was 17.
"Tyler is a wonderful guy to work with. He is extremely positive and energetic, which added a ton to our company culture. Tyler was always willing to go the extra mile, and I like how he was constantly trying to up his game. This is especially important in the realm of visual design and UX, and Tyler has demonstrated an incredible work ethic in that arena. I highly recommend Tyler for any organization looking for a highly capable and creative talent that brings enormous passion to the table."
- Eric Yonge
President & Creative Director at EYStudios
"Tyler Rood was one of the most dedicated professionals through his work developing and designing at American Book Company. Tyler comes to work on time and looks forward in working with his team. When someone has a question Tyler is quick to answer with a solution. Tyler Rood is a detail oriented and proactive UI/UX Designer. Highly organized, works well in a team or independent. With Tyler Rood, every problem had a solution. Very positive attitude towards work.

Overall for any position Tyler Rood is looking into, I recommend him 100%."
- Matthew Beasley,
Lead User Researcher & Product Designer at IBM
"I've worked with Tyler in the past and he has a great work ethic and commitment to his craft. I've seen him develop and broaden his skills as a UX professional. He shows a lot of potential and takes a user-centric approach to finding a solution through design. I think he'd make a great addition to any design team!"
- Ryan Guyer,
Senior Product Designer at Calendly
"As a Visual Designer at EYStudios, Tyler was an integral part of the design department. His attention to detail was an important factor in being able to juggle multiple clients and projects at once, and his skillset as a designer translated into successful graphics, page layouts, marketing materials, and UI. As the Senior Designer, I was responsible for training Tyler when he was hired. Tyler is a very quick learner, and was a great addition to our team with his positive energy, his creative output, and the dedication to his craft. I worked closely with Tyler for about two years, and watched as his skills and business acumen increased every day. It was a testament to the hard work that he puts in to staying on top of styles and trends in the industry."
- Derek Perez
Owner/Designer at Peregon Creative
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